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Read the conditions below that concern access to and use of the online owner's manuals offered on this site. In order to use the online service publication content, it is necessary that you agree to and follow the conditions accordingly. If you cannot agree with the conditions, please refrain from using the online service publication content.


This site does not contain all service publication information for all Honda products. Some manuals, revisions to manuals, translations to your local languages and supplementary documents are not available online.

Be sure to refer to the owner's manual and supplementary information that came with your product in form of labels and/or booklet whenever possible. If these documents have been lost, consult the retail outlet that you bought the product from, or your nearest Honda dealer.

Changes to the contents of the online service publications may be made according to alterations in product design without notification. Therefore, the customer is required to understand, before using the online service publication content, that there may be differences between the online information and the owner's manual that came with your product.

Safety Warnings

The safety information mentioned in the online manuals are based on the legal requirements and Honda's understanding at the time the owner's manuals were produced. It is possible that the safety information in the online content are not the latest safety information. If you have any questions regarding safety information, consult the retail outlet that you bought your product from, or your nearest Honda dealer.

The Contents of this Site

The online service publications and information therein are the intellectual property of Honda protected by copyright. Online service publications or parts of online owner's manuals cannot be copied, reproduced, altered, or distributed without Honda's permission. However, you can print out online service publications content for the use of your product. The number of copies that can be printed out is limited to one per product.

The online owner's manual content is provided with the customer's convenience in mind. Honda does not carry any responsibility for accidental damage caused by the use of online owner's manual content or by not being able to use online owner's manual content.

Honda provides a warranty according to the documents, such as warranty registration cards, supplied with the product. Honda does not provide a warranty for anything, such as safety, based on the online service publication content.

The online service publication site may be suspended, or the contents may change without notification.

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