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Terms of Use

Applying to users, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Our Company”), and its subsidiaries, these Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as “Terms of Use”) set forth the terms for using this website (hereinafter referred to as “this Site”).

Before using this Site, read the following Terms of Use, understand the conditions set forth, and use this Site only if you agree without any restrictions or reservations. If a user uses this Site for any reason, he or she will be deemed to have agreed with the Terms of Use.

Our Company may revise these Terms of Use as deemed appropriate without notifying users individually. Please always check the Terms of Use each time you use this Site. If you use this Site after Terms of Use have been revised, you shall be deemed to have accepted the new Terms of Use.

Safety Precautions

Safety precautions given in parts catalogs and other materials on this Site (hereinafter collectively referred to as "service-related materials") are based on the laws and regulations at the time the relevant service-related materials were produced and may not comply with current laws and regulations. If you have any questions about safety precautions for your Honda motorcycle (hereinafter referred to as "Product"), please consult your Honda dealer from which you purchased the Product or your nearest Honda dealer.

Incorrect maintenance, improper maintenance, and disrepair can cause falling and other accidents, leading to serious injury or death. For maintenance, please consult your Honda dealer from which you purchased the Product or your nearest Honda dealer.

Service-related materials posted on this Site

1. Service-related materials (including supplementary materials) for Honda products are posted on this Site. (Please note that materials for some products are not included here.) The contents of service-related materials on this Site are subject to change due to changes in product specifications and content may differ from actual vehicles, so please use as reference information.

2. Please note that Illustrations used in parts catalogs are not maintenance disassembly diagrams.

3. In the case of parts catalogs, we have taken the parts catalogs intended for dealers and processed them for customer use before posting. Please note that some information intended for dealers still remains.

4. When ordering genuine parts listed in a parts catalog, please check the information given in "How to use parts catalogs" on this Site, check the model, chassis number, part number, and quantity and then contact the dealer from which you purchased the Product or your nearest Honda dealer. Also, note that some parts have been discontinued, so please check availability when ordering.


1. You shall not engage in any act that falls under any of the following categories or any act that may be applicable when using this Site. (1) Acts that violate the Terms of Use

(2) Acts that infringe on intellectual property rights, such as copyrights, property rights, or any other rights held by Our Company or a third party

(3) Acts that cause trouble for, or disadvantage or damage to, Our Company or a third party

(4) Acts that slander Our Company or a third party or acts that harm our honor and trust

(5) Acts contrary to public order and morals and illegal acts in violation of laws and ordinances

(6) Acts of a business nature or for making profit through use of this Site or acts for the purpose of preparing for such use

(7) Acts of using or supplying harmful programs such as computer viruses through this Site or in relation to this Site

(8) Acts of unlawfully accessing a computer to provide this Site

(9) Act of re-granting, transferring or disposing of some rights to use this Site in a manner other than established by Our Company

(10) Acts of trading the right to use this Site in exchange for cash, other asset, or interest on an asset, making such a transaction, or promoting, announcing, or soliciting such a transaction

(11) Acts that may hinder the operation of this Site or interfere with its provision

(12) Acts of disassembling, decompiling, or reverse engineering this Site, or other acts of analyzing the source code, structure, ideas, etc. of this Site

(13) Making use of this Site other than by means provided by Our Company or falsifying or illegally creating data on this Site

(14) Acts of copying, transmitting, transferring, leasing, translating, adapting, or revising this Site or combining it with other software

(15) Acts of destroying the security mechanisms or security code embedded in this Site

(16) Acts that invite the malfunction of this Site

(17) Acts of allowing a third party to use a password or user terminal to this Site, or to use the Site by loaning, transferring, trading, or pledging its use, etc.

(18) Acts of assuming an identity other than one’s own, pretending to be a certain person despite having no right or authority to represent that person, or using the Site by falsely forging a connection with another person or organization

(19) Using this Site by using programs, macros or other tools not approved by Our Company

(20) Acts in violation of notifications given on this Site and material issued by Our Company

(21) Acts of operating a user terminal to use this Site or view its pages while operating a vehicle or in another location where use of this Site is inappropriate

(22) Acts of a political, religious or related nature

(23) Acts of impersonating an employee or other associate of Our Company or an affiliated subsidiary

(24) Acts of reproducing support email or private communications from Our Company

(25) Giving benefits to anti-social forces such as organized crime groups, organized crime group members, persons affiliated with organized crime groups, corporations affiliated with organized crime groups, stock holder meeting extortionists, social movement organizations, political movement organizations, and blackmailing organizations

(26) Other acts that we deem inappropriate

2. In the event that the customer violates the Terms of Use or laws or regulations, or if Our Company determines that there is a risk of such violation, Our Company shall at its own discretion inform the user and suspend the use of this Site and take any other measures against the user, while assuming no responsibility whatsoever for any damages that may arise from doing so. In such cases, the user shall immediately destroy all downloaded information (whether in paper or electronic form) in his or her possession or control.

3. The user shall not be able to file any dispute with regard to any action that Our Company may take based on these Terms of Use in response to acts that violate these Terms of Use or laws and regulations.

4. If the user damages Our Company in violation of these Terms of Use or laws and regulations, the user shall be responsible for compensating the damage to Our Company.


1. Our Company is not responsible for any of the matters specified in the following items.

(1) Some service-related materials of products sold by Our Company and supplementary materials such as errata are not included on this Site

(2) The content of service-related materials provided on this Site is based on the laws and regulations in effect at the time the relevant service-related material was produced, and it may not conform to current laws and regulations

(3) Some of the content of service-related materials provided on this Site may differ from other existing service-related materials in some cases due to product specification changes, etc.

(4) The body color and interior color of products listed on this Site may be different from the actual colors due to photographic and display screen conditions

(5) 3D images of products given on this Site are CG images and may differ from the actual product, specifications, and colors

(6) Product warranties are provided based on documentation included with the product and not through this Site

(7) The computer system providing this Site is not infected by viruses

(8) This Site conforms to the needs of customers

(9) In addition to the preceding items, Our Company is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness, certainty, applicability, usefulness, availability, safety, reliability and fault tolerance, etc. of information on this Site

2. We are not responsible for any disadvantage or damage (hereinafter referred to as “damages, etc.”) incurred by you or a third party due to the addition, modification, suspension, cancellation or abolition of content on this Site. (Including, but not limited to, any disadvantage or damage including lost opportunities to use this Site, incidental damages, indirect damages, extraordinary loss, future damages, lost profit, etc.)

3. Use this Site at your own risk. Our Company assumes no responsibility for damage to a customer or a third party that may arise from using or not using this Site.

4. Our Company assumes no responsibility for any damage, etc. to the customer that may arise due to the customer engaging in acts such as illegal access or illegal modification of data.

5. If the user modifies, remodels, or makes technical revisions, etc. to the hardware or software of mobile phones, smart phones, tablets, PCs and other devices (hereinafter referred to as "User Terminals") for using this Site, Our Company assumes no liability for damages incurred due to the inability to use this Site normally and will not provide any support such as restoring the use of this Site.

6. When using this Site, you must comply with applicable laws and regulations in the country or area you use it. Our Company is not responsible for any violation of laws and regulations by the customer.

7. Our Company assumes no responsibility even when accidents or other incidents occur while using this Site while operating a vehicle or in another dangerous place and damage or other harm comes to a customer or a third party.

8. In cases where this Terms of Use agreement falls in the category of a consumer contract under Article 2, Paragraph 3 of the Consumer Contract Act and Our Company assumes liability for damages based on default or illegal conduct, provisions that completely exempt Our Company from liability for damages shall not apply. In such cases, Our Company shall assume liability for damages with an upper limit on the damage directly and actually suffered by the customer except in cases of deliberate and gross negligence on the part of Our Company. We assume no responsibility in all other cases.

Intellectual Property Rights

1. The rights regarding all information posted on this Site belong to Our Company, our subsidiaries, or the third party that we specify, and are protected by the copyright laws of each country, and various treaties and other laws. Use of this information (including its reproduction, revision, distribution, uploading, presentation, transmission, licensing, sale, and publication, etc.) other than for private individual use or as allowed by copyright law, etc. is prohibited without obtaining advance written permission from Our Company.

2. In the event of a dispute concerning intellectual property rights between the customer and a third party when using this Site, the customer shall assume responsibility to resolve the dispute at its own cost. Our Company shall assume no responsibility whatsoever.

About Links to This Service

Customers are free to link to this service. However, we will refuse links from sites contrary to public order and morals.

Log Files

We use access log files for collecting and analyzing a wide range of statistical information including analysis of usage trends of this Site. This allows us to obtain statistical usage information about the Site such as the number of page readers who have visited and how long they stayed on the page. We do not attempt to collect personal information that can identify users. Site usage information is not treated as confidential or as having a property value that belongs to you. It belongs to Our Company.


1. The customer agrees that notifications from Our Company to customers shall be made by posting the notification on this Site, by email, or by any other means that Our Company deems appropriate.

2. If we make a notification to customers in the manner set forth in the preceding paragraph, the customer shall be deemed to have been notified, from the time the Company posted the contents of the notification on this Site and regardless of whether or not the customer saw it.

Transfer of Contract Status, etc.

If we transfer the business related to the operation of this Site to another company, we can transfer the contractual status and the rights and obligations based on these Terms of Use to the assignee of said business transfer upon the transfer of said business. The customer shall be deemed to have agreed in advance to such business transfers in this paragraph. Incidentally, business transfers prescribed in this section shall include not only normal business transfers, but also any case where Our Company split or business is otherwise transferred.

Effectiveness of the Terms of Use

1. Even if any provision of these Terms of Use or any part thereof is determined to be invalid or unenforceable based on the Consumer Contract Act or other laws and regulations, the remaining provisions of these Terms of Use and any remaining parts of provisions that were determined to be invalid or unenforceable in part shall continue to remain in force.

2. Even if any provision of these Terms of Use or any part thereof is invalidated or canceled in relation to some customers, the remaining provisions of these Terms of Use and any remaining parts of provisions that were invalidated or canceled in part shall remain in effect in relation to other customers.

Governing Laws and Arbitration

The laws of Japan shall apply as the law governing the use this Site and these Terms of Use and interpretation shall be made in accordance with these laws. In addition, regarding any disputes and differences arising between users and Our Company and/or its affiliated subsidiaries in connection with the use of this Site and these Terms of Use, the Tokyo District Court shall be the court of exclusive agreement of the first instance.

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